The Energy Of An Entrepreneur: Anyonna’s Story

To say we attract exceptional talent at UMC Direct would be an understatement. Our team is BURSTING with personality, ambition, work ethic, and entrepreneurial minds Рminds like Anyonna Scott, newest Assistant Manager here at UMC Direct.

A true Atlantian, born and raised until she went off to Albany for college, Anyona grew up in The Big Peach as a part of a strong, entrepreneurial driven family. Witnessing her mom, aunt, and older sister all start and run successful businesses, Anyonna was inspired at a young age to be her own boss.

Deciding to attend Albany State University due to her family owning a local business in the area, Anyonna juggled her studies in business management, working for her family, AND starting a shuttle business that transported students to & from Atlanta on the weekends!! Did we mention she graduated in just THREE years too?! It’s no wonder kids knew her around campus as a boss!

After graduating, Anyonna moved back home and started working with our client broker on a marketing campaign that sold office supplies to small businesses!! When given an opportunity to expand with the company not even 6 months later, she jumped at the chance and relocated 7 hours away from home to Cary!

Meeting UMC Direct’s CEO,¬†Corey Odom in her move to North Carolina, Anyonna¬†was instantly impressed by Corey’s energy and passion for his work. Stating “you could tell that he genuinely loved what he did and the team that worked with him, and I related to him on several levels immediately!”

When she was offered an opportunity to work directly with UMC Direct’s client and Corey, Anyonna¬†jumped at the chance to grow her skillsets and learn from one of the most influential leaders in business she had ever met. Starting officially in May 2016, Anyonna¬†brought increased focus and ambition and quickly became a trusted mentor and example of great work ethic¬†in the office!

Promoted to Assistant Management just 15 months after starting with UMC Direct, Anyonna has taken our company by storm since day one. Now holding responsibilities in recruiting, interviewing, hiring, training, and team building, she has elevated our entire executive team and teaches us daily about having a clearer vision regarding our goals both inside and outside of work!

With a plan to be promoted into Management within the first quarter of 2018, Anyonna intends to help our client grow outside of the Cary/Raleigh area into a new city closer to her family in Atlanta! Extremely family and faith focused, she thanks the influential women in her life for inspiring her to do and be more. Because of their example, she knows overseeing an office for our client will be something she excels at!

When she’s not working, Anyonna¬†enjoys spending time with her poodle, Chico, relaxing with the crew she oversees, “Team Vision”, and traveling back to see her 2 nephews as often as she can (see the adorable pictures below)! As proud as we are of what all Anyonna¬†has done since starting with us here at UMC Direct, we are more proud of the caliber of woman she is and all that she is going to do in the future for our client and company. Her potential is off the charts and we hope this blog extends our appreciation to have such a powerhouse in our organization! We appreciate you, Anyonna – keep up the STELLAR work!




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