A UMC Direct Exclusive: Meet Matt ğŸ‘‹

The growth paths at UMC Direct are as unique as our people; straight-forward, opportunistic, and ambitious. With the professional development of our team as one of our core missions, expansion is the name of our game here at UMC Direct.  It’s why the recent promotion of Matt Jenkins to Senior Corporate Trainer came with such great excitement this past week!

A Chapel Hill, North Carolina native, Matt was adopted as a baby to two loving parents and raised from the time he was 5 to 18 in a single parent household. His mother became his mentor, his motivator, and his means to a great life; a powerful force he accredits much of his success to today. Adopted into a family of entrepreneurs, Matt grew up working in his mother’s flower shop and saw the dedication and passion that was needed to run a successful small business.  He instantly knew he was willing to make whatever sacrifice necessary to be successful as his own boss.

Growing up heavily involved in his mom’s church and soccer, Matt learned discipline, how to be a team player and the purpose of practice. When he eventually got involved in football as a middle schooler, the transition was natural and soon led to a college scholarship playing for Fayetteville State University. As a redshirt freshman, Matt enjoyed several years of collegiate level football before moving to Houston to become a dad and be closer to his fiance’s family! After the birth of their son, Christopher, the pair relocated back to North Carolina and Matt returned back to Fayetteville to complete his degree. He graduated this past May with his Bachelors in Business Administration and the proudest wife & son on the planet cheering him on!

The Monday following his graduation, Matt started with UMC Direct and the rest is history from there. He has wowed us every step of his Management Training, truly exemplifying resiliency and emotional intelligence as a young leader in our company. A pacesetter in our office, Matt is big on following systems and adhering to standards, as guidelines for success at UMC Direct have already been paved by earlier Management Trainees. With this mindset of “going with what he knows works: rather than “trying to recreate the wheel,” Matt has plans of growing into Assistant Management this Spring and Management by the end of the Summer! He looks to help our clientele grow their market reach locally here in the Cary/Raleigh area.

A professional boxer in his spare time, Matt channels what he learns in the ring to life as a parent and a professional. He gives each round everything he’s got and believes if you have a “tunnel vision” to your goals, you have no reason not to hit them. He loves that at UMC Direct you have the ability to gain YEARS of experience in a compressed amount of time and grow based on your own performance and merit. As an alpha male, Matt knows he’ll get exactly what he works for.

As much pride as Matt’s Senior Corporate Trainer promotion has brought us, the upcoming promotions in his sight will be even more monumental for both his & our client’s growth! We’re so confident in the direction of our company with Matt’s energy and focus and look forward to our most successful year in business yet!! Congrats, Matt!



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