Keeping Up With Kira: UMC Direct’s Rising Star

We talk a lot about energy at UMC Direct. We coach our team with ideals in mind such as, “you give life to what you give energy to” and “be the energy you want to attract.” These mantras help us develop more grounded, balanced business leaders, and there is no one that embodies these beliefs better than Shakira “Kira” Worsley.

Raleigh born & Raleigh bred, Kira was born into a loving family that became complete when Kira’s little sister was born a few years later. As the middle child, Kira vied for the attention of her parents and teachers, often finding herself in trouble for talking and moving around too much (haha)! Her parents decided to channel her extra energy into sports, and at the age of 7, Kira found a passion for track. For the next 11 years, running cross country became her source of development, camaraderie, and competition.

While still in school, Kira took to the workforce, eager to get some experience and earnings under her belt. She started first at Kroger and worked there until the store’s closing, learning valuable customer service and communication skills. When an opportunity arose to work at Sheetz, Kira seized the chance and was quickly promoted into Management. For the next 5 years, she dedicated herself to her work and her leadership development. When she kept getting passed up for promotions, though, Kira realized that she needed a work environment where advancement was based on merit and not on tenure or how many positions were available.

Finding UMC Direct in her job search, Kira knew from her initial interview that she had found somewhere special. Connecting instantly with Manager, Corey, and now Assistant Manager, Anyonna, Kira started making strides in her Management Training her first months with the company.  Fast forward 1 1/2 later and Shakira has now begun overseeing a team and making her way quickly into an Assistant Management role.

Attributing her success to her focus on affirmations and meditation, Kira is a prime example of what concentrated energy and a strong mindset look like. Her advice to those just starting with UMC Direct is to keep a notebook of affirmations and to NEVER give up on yourself. As Kira says, “you will face challenges and hardships personally & professionally and you’ll probably want to give up on yourself, but that is never the answer. If you quit when things are hard then you’re just a quitter and quitters never win.”

In her spare time, Kira LOVES spending time catching up on Netflix shows and enjoying her PS4. She spends close to an hour a day – half in the morning and half in the evening – meditating and manifesting what she wants her future and career to look like and believes this self-reflection has helped her tremendously in her growth with the company. She plans this 2018 to help our client expand into Florida and grow herself into management before the start of the new year!

Kira – thank you for being such a ray of sunshine and positive force in our company. You have been such a valuable addition to our team and we are thrilled by your growth. Congratulations on being recognized as March’s Rising Star. Keep up the tremendous work!





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