The Man With A Plan: Meet Blake Root✔️

He came for the experience and stayed for the opportunity.

If there was a perfect way to summarize Blake Root’s time here at UMC Direct, this would be it. Looking for sales experience prior to enrolling at UNC-Chapel Hill, Blake quickly fell in love with the company’s merit-based performance structure and people. 3 months later, Blake is not just “staying for an opportunity of growth” but thriving in his position, advancing into more senior leadership roles month after month.

A New York native, born and raised in Olean an hour outside of Buffalo, Blake grew up an outgoing, energetic child with a passion to help others and serve. Years later when life through Blake a curveball and he found himself expecting his first child, he immediately chose to enlist in the Army to create a better life of security and opportunity for his daughter. Kayla, now 7, was Blake’s motivation to do even better in life and not waste his potential; a motivator that would drive him to excel at UMC Direct.

With a big sense of responsibility an a desire to do great for his family, Blake joined the 82nd Airborne, an infantry division of the United States Army. Jumping out of over 30 planes during his time in the military, Blake credits his years serving his country as career- shaping and eye-opening. The Army taught Blake that he was capable of anything (after all, when you jump out of planes for a living you’re kind of a bad@$$) and hungry for something that allowed him greater control of his success.

Taking some core college classes in New York with his GI Bill, Blake geared up to relocate his growing family to Raleigh closer to his significant other’s family. Seeing as how Blake and Kaitlin had just welcomed a son by the name of Lucas into the world, the two thought it would be tremendous to be closer to family. With almost 2 years of credit under his belt, Blake, under the recommendation of his Aunt, enrolled in UNC’s business school and started looking for company’s he could get at least 6 months of sales experience with. It was then he fortuitously found UMC Direct.

Despite being extremely nervous throughout his interview process, Blake remembers watching Assistant Manager, Anyonna, and thinking “okay, if she can do this, I can too.” Her confidence and laser focus transferred to Blake, and within days of starting with the company, he was performing at a top tier level. Now with 3 additional months of experience under his belt, Blake is consistently one of our company’s and client’s top performers week after week.

When he’s not at work setting the pace for his team, Blake is with Kaitlin, Kayla, and Lucas enjoying time outside of the house at parks and children’s places! An avid gamer, he also enjoys spending his free time with some action-oriented video games. As many things as he is for so many people, what Blake brings to UMC Direct is an enormous sense of responsibility. He shows our team, by example, what it means to show up every day and give your best and for that attitude of servant leadership, we are extremely grateful. Blake – your hard work does not go unrecognized. Keep up the tremendous work!



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