Why Sales is a Great Career Option

For many years the sales career has been the working world’s best-kept secret. Here at UMC Direct, we are calling an end to that. We want to help you. In an effort to educate, inform, and open the conversation, we’ve compiled all of the evidence to prove why sales is a great career option.

Work More, Earn More

The most frustrating aspect of the modern working world is the long hours compensated with salaried pay, you earn what you earn, no matter how late you stay. You worked till 6 on Monday, till 8 on Tuesday- it’s all the same financially. Well, not in sales. In sales, the more you sell, the more you earn. This is the career where you can directly feel the result of your hard work.

Options, Options, Options

Sales is truly the umbrella term for an entire industry. This is a career where you can channel your personal interests and passions and craft your own individual path.

The Safety Net of the Working World

The world will always need salespeople. In fact, the strongest pull in the sales profession has always been the stability and the fact that it is one of the only professions that doesn’t feel the burn of unemployment or instability.

Use your Natural Skills

Are you a natural born salesperson? Do the monologues from The Wolf of Wall Street haunt you in your sleep? Maybe you should follow that hunch! Sales is a natural career for so many, as it allows you to use the skills that you have had your entire life but didn’t know how to properly utilize. Skills like strong public speaking, great persuasive powers, natural social intuition, and intrinsic motivation to succeed are all skills that will create an all-star salesperson.

Moving’ on Up

Criminally undiscussed, is the fact that the sales career offers unending promotion opportunities. There are thousands of stories of salespeople who started at the bottom, selling basic products, and moved their way up to sales manager, and further up into administration.

Social Scene

Sales is the career for the social animal. The salesperson will not spend their days behind a computer all day, speaking to no one but their coworker at the water fountain. The entire sales career is founded in socialization and working with other people. If you want to interact with others and meet new people every day, work in sales.

Convinced? If so, then get out there and start working! If not, then keep reading! There is so much out there to learn about sales, and the information is everywhere. Everything from editorial to social media, the information is endless. From all of us here at UMC Direct, we wish luck in your new career!



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