His Energy Is Electric: Alex’s Story


What does that word mean to you? To us here at UMC Direct, energy is a property or ability that if properly exercised, can be transferred and utilized towards one’s personal & professional well being. Good energy is contagious — a difference maker for individuals and entrepreneurs who lead lives of balance and influence. Good energy is what radiates through the newest addition to our team & company, Alex Stogner.

Born in Warwick, Alex spent the first 22 years of his life in New York with his 2 brothers running around outdoors, practicing martial arts, and exploring his passion for sculpting. He started his degree at SUNY Delhi for architecture but soon realized that his interests lied beyond the drawing board. Alex transferred to SUNY Cortland for their outdoor recreation program and graduated in 2014 ready to take on the working world.

Starting his work experience with Frost Valley YMCA as a program instructor, Alex spent the next 2 years on-site helping with everything from summer camps to classroom visits and family excursions. He saved up $10K in 2 years and made the decision to grow a man bun and see the world (his words, haha!) A one-way ticket to Thailand yielded a total of  4 weeks in Thailand, 4 weeks in Bali, and Christmas & New Years in New Zealand soaking in all the sights and culture. Fun fact: Alex even received his Vinyasa Yoga certification while overseas; a practice he has continued since!

Returning back home and to work at a summer camp, Alex met the love of his life, Vivian, and made the ultimate decision to move to Raleigh a few months after! When looking for employment in the sales industry, thanks to a recommendation from his friend, Alex stumbled upon UMC Direct on ZipRecruiter and quickly connected with the team and their positive energy!

Calling himself a sponge, Alex works daily in his new role to soak up insight, experience, and knowledge from his coworkers. What we haven’t told him yet is in return, we’re feeding off the incredible energy he brings to the office of humility, positivity, and harmony.

When he’s not at work, you can catch Alex & Vivian cooking together, doing acrobatic yoga, watching Survivor, and studying the Bible! With ambitious professional and spiritual goals, Alex exuberates good energy to anyone who comes in contact with him; a quality we know will carry him far at UMC Direct. Welcome to the family, Alex!




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